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Job Opportunities

Muslim Association of Bolingbrook

Muslim Association of Bolingbrook (MAB) Hifz School
Job opportunity for Hifz Teacher

About MAB

MAB was founded with the goal to serve the Muslims in Bolingbrook and its surrounding communities by establishing a center to provide Islamic education and activities to strengthen the community religiously and socially based on the noble principles of Islam.

Both Masjid Al-Islam and Masjid Al-Jumu'ah are managed by MAB. Through the two mosques the association serves the communities in and around Bolingbrook area. Among many programs and services, Hifz program is one of the essential and much sought after program. This program was established in Masjid Al-Jumu'ah in 2014 and many benefited from this program and the program has produced many male and female huffaz, alhmadulilAllah.

Job Summary
Title: MAB Hifz Teacher
Job Overview:

A qualified and experienced Quran Hifz teacher who is hardworking and enthusiastic and nurturing to children as the students memorize the Quran. The full time position will involve teaching a group of students who are at various stages of Quran memorization. The students will memorize the Quran, revise most recent lessons and previous lessons. The applicant will be a motivated individual with a keen interest in encouraging and inspiring students to love learning and living the Quran. The Quran teacher will work full time, Monday through Friday. Applicants should be current functional and skilled in their use of evolving technologies, active in promoting critical thinking, and committed to challenging our students to be knowledgeable, ethical, and capable global Muslim citizens.

Primary Responsibilities

• Prepare course long range plan, Hifz plans and homework materials
• Able to adapt the Hifz course plan to each student’s ability and potential
• Teacher to focus on Quran Hifz and Tajweed and be able to work one on one with each student
• Teacher to work with each student one on one and listen to each child daily
• Follow a process for formal and informal ongoing assessment of students, including report cards, progress reports and marking. Feedback to be provided to parents and MAB designated administrator.
• Participate in staff meetings and professional development activities
• Integrate “tarbiyah” of students such as, social responsibility, kindness and other Islamic teachings / values into daily routines
• Supervise students during classes and at other times in the school day
• Discuss students' progress and concerns with parents and administrators
• Maintain appropriate standards of behavior, mutual respect, and safety within classroom
• Incorporate appropriate technology and media in lesson planning
• Perform other related duties in the Islamic education area as required by MAB Management


• Must be a Hafiz-e-Quran (Memorized the Quran)
• Preferable to have Ijazah or Sanad from an accredited institution
• Must have at least 2 years of experience in U.S.A as a Hifz/Quran Teacher
• Very good at nurturing and mentoring children
• Excellent with the Quran in terms of memorization and Tajweed (including makhaarij)
• Able to manage a class of 12-15 students
• Sound knowledge of Islamic rulings
• Be able to communicate effectively in English
• Long term commitment to this role
• Works well in a team • Abides by MAB policies

Salary and Benefits:
Competitive compensation based on experience, including performance based bonus
Application Instructions
To apply for the job, interested individuals must submit their interest to with electronic copies of a cover letter and resume. List of three (3) references with contact information should be provided upon request.

Please contact Mohammed Abdul Khalek at or at (630) 745-8707

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