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  • Paint work inside the masjid. Donate for labor and material

  • Microphone voice enhancer (Details can be provided)

Welcome to Muslim Association of Bolingbrook!

Masjid Al-Islam on 560 E. N. Frontage Road, and the recently purchased New Masjid Community Center at 351 Veterans Parkway, are both managed by the Muslim Association of Bolingbrook, a non-profit religious organization incorporated in the State of Illinois in the early 90's.

This Association was started with a goal to serve the Muslims in Bolingbrook and its surrounding communities by establishing a center to provide Islamic Education and activities to strengthen the community religiously and socially based on the noble principles of Islam. A component of the objective was also to increase the awareness of Islam in the society through Da'wah.

Over the years, the Muslim Community in Bolingbrook and the surrounding suburbs experienced exponential growth. In order to accommodate this increase in congregation, enrollment in Weekend Islamic School, and to support other religious activities, and most importantly to move the weekly Jummu'ah Salaah into a Masjid, a 2nd location was purchased by the help of Allah (SWT) and the support from the community along with our neighboring communities.

As we purchased the New Masjid on January 31st 2014, please be patient as the necessary requirements for modifications to fit the needs of the Masjid are completed. Please feel free to submit the suggestion forms available at the Jummu'ah Salaah along with Masjid Al-Islam which include a suggested name for the newly acquired Masjid.


MAB Shura Election Update

In the name of Allah (SWT) the Beneficent, the Merciful

Assalam-o-alykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

The Election Committee, Guardian Committee, and present Shura Board discussed some of the issues that were brought up highlighting the irregularities in the nomination process.

All three committees have unanimously agreed to postpone the elections which were scheduled for this afternoon. Additionally, all of the nominations that were submitted have been voided, and the following new process has been setup for the upcoming weeks to have nominations resubmitted, Insha'Allah:

Nomination resubmissions for the new Shura will be required to be onsite during specified times with verification of ID on the following dates at Masjid al-Islam, 560 E. N. Frontage Road:

1.Friday, May 2nd from 6pm - 10pm
2.Saturday, May 3rd from 12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 10pm
3.Sunday, May 4th from 2pm - 3pm and 6pm - 10pm

No exceptions on dates and times other than what has been a stated AND on-site submission is to be handed directly to the volunteer in-charge at the tables that will be setup during these times.

•Insha'Allah New Election date will be Sunday, May 11th after Zuhr Salaah (2pm - 5pm)

We urge all members to actively participate and make time to be available during the dates mentioned.

Jazakumullahu Khayran

Muslim Association of Bolingbrook
Guardian Committee
Election Committee
Shura Board

23 Jumada-Al-Thani 1435H
Wed, Apr 23 2014 02:33 pm
FAJR 5:30 AM
ZUHR 1:30 PM
ASR 6:15 PM
ISHA 9:30 PM
No Second Prayer
Annerino Community Center
201 Recreation Dr
Bolingbrook IL -60440
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